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Spring out of Winter with MyConnect!

As the cold, dreary season of Winter draws to a close, the sunny days of Spring are upon us, it’s a perfect time to blossom yourself, take the plunge, and move out into a place of your own.


Living on your own can be a scary thought for even the most independent individuals, as it can seem like a sort of ‘sink or swim’ situation.

But there is no need to fear! Moving out for the first time may have its cons, but plenty of pros all the same and with a little help along the way, it won’t seem as daunting. So, to lend a helping hand ourselves, here are some tips and tricks for moving out for the first time:


Understand Your Financial Situation

 It may seem like a straightforward thing to think about when moving out, but understanding exactly how much money you have in your bank account is crucial.

This means knowing your monthly expenses, monthly income and how much you can save up alongside these costs. An excel sheet or notebook detailing your spending, while tedious, can go a long way into planning out the right living situation for yourself.


The Emergency Fund

Having alluded to it earlier, it’s important to save up as it’s not enough to only have the bare minimum amount purely for living expenses.

An emergency fund saved up can help out dearly for those sick days off work or any other incident that would prevent you from earning an income. The equivalent of 6 months’ worth of expenses saved will ensure you are financially prepared for the unexpected.


If You Decide To Live With Roommates, Choose Them Wisely

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Moving out with friends can be highly beneficial, with the idea of splitting bills and the bond of friendship being some ups in the pro’s column. However, a living situation can highlight just how different your lifestyles are and can emphasise some rather annoying habits. If you’re an early bird sleeping early and waking up early, and your potential roommate likes to party until the sun starts to rise with the music blaring, then you should probably think twice!


Don’t Rush The Move

Now that you’re thinking about moving out, it’s also time to think about when.

Certain times like student years beginning and ending and seasons changing can alter the housing market greatly. Once you think you’ve found the right location, be proactive and look at houses at least 2 months in advance to get a general idea of the place, this decision is a big one and shouldn’t be rushed.


Read Over The Lease Agreement

It’s time to read the fine print.

Once you’ve found your perfect home, in comes the lease agreement. This binding document is the summary of your new home, so make sure you read over it carefully and then double check it!


Plan For The Move

Moving day is a monumental day for someone moving out for the first time, but often the total cost of the move will be overlooked. Your belongings are most likely going to be all packed up in a dozen different boxes. You will have to consider how you are going to get them from A to B.

Hiring a moving company or even hiring a van or truck to help move but these items can be costly, so be prepared to dig into the pockets some more.


Set a Monthly Budget

Setting a monthly budget can initially ease you into your new home, and is important to maintain for living in the long run. Whether that means crunching down on nights out with the gals or heading out to the pub with the guys, it’s a sacrifice you may have to make.



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