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17Nov sun-image

How to: Lower the heat and your Energy bill this Summer

Have you ever noticed that your energy bills tend to increase over summer? Have you ever wondered how much electricity you are using in your homes every day? The number one drainage of energy in the average home is...

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25Oct flowers-1447892_960_720

How to: Handle Hay fever in your Home

Besides anti-histamines, there are other ways that we can avoid irritating allergies that start in the home. There are so many reasons to love spring, the sun comes out of hibernation, blue skies, flowers bloom and we start to...

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10Oct 45f2aa16358a936023a7fe83c5e3771c

How to: pack your life into a cardboard box

As if the big move was not daunting enough, it can be really hard to pack up all your belongings, all of the photos and other significant memorabilia from years past and see all of your possessions tucked away into...

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28Sep blog_6tips

6 tips for making your house a home

Living in a rental property does not have to feel like you are always coming home to someone else’s house. You shouldn’t wait until you own your own home to put your own spin on your living environment. There...

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5Jul move. lots of cardboard boxes in an empty new apartment

Why use a utility connection company?

If you’re tossing up between organising your utilities directly through your chosen provider or using a utility connection company, this information could help you decide. Generally, providers in the utilities industry tend to employ external overseas call centres as...

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5Jul sub_blog_inspection

What to do when attending an open for inspection

When attending an open for inspection, there are a few essentials to bring with you: A tape measure, a note pad, a phone to take photos, and of course, an enquiring mind. This is your one chance when it’s...

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27Jun sub_blog_renting

What you should know about renting

As a tenant, it’s important to be aware of your rights. Whilst landlords are obliged to be fair, the extensive tenancy laws make it hard for them to know all the details involving tenancy agreements. Take note of this...

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30May sub_blog_winter

Energy saving tips for Winter

Winter is coming. As we approach the cold, dreary months of the year, energy bills sadly do not tend to drop with the temperature. Heating generally uses the most energy in households. Thankfully, there are smarter ways to keep...

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29May sub_blog_linving_alone

The highs and lows of living alone

Hate it or love it, most people will live alone at some stage in their life. Imagine it. No one to tidy up after, no bathrooms to share and no unexpected company to worry about. Whether it be escaping...

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